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ven, le 26 fév 2016, 19:38

This is the publicly stated list of Board of Directors for the hospital that is apparently associated with the internet service that has been deleting my emails since I moved in here on September 11, 2014. They run a "Catholic" "Hospital" whose wireless signal is part of the cover-up regarding the nature of the religion and the cause of the massive fatalities you've been experiencing out there. They have help in the form of the local pedophilia radio station KBVM 88.3, and also the neighbors in room 606 at 1201 SW 11th Avenue in Portland. Because I have yet to find a Providence Hospital in the area I am unsure why the wifi here has that name on it, and for financial reasons directly related to the communications problem I have yet to move away from here, though that has been a goal for quite a while. I will try to ask Mr. Roosevelt what he thinks about it.
Michael Holcomb, Board Chairman
Retired assistant general manager, Snohomish County Public Utility District, Washington

Sister Chauncey Boyle, SP
Retired assistant housing director, Vincent House, Washington

Isiaah Crawford
Provost, Seattle University, Washington

Martha Diaz Aszkenazy
Private business owner, publishing and real estate, California

Sister Phyllis Hughes, RSM
Retired health care executive, California

Sallye Liner
Executive vice president and chief clinical officer, Novant Health, North Carolina

Kirby McDonald
Founder of McDonald Industries and Peak Oilfield Service Company, Washington

Dave Olsen
Retired executive, Starbucks, Washington

Al Parrish
Retired health care executive, Alaska

Caronlina Reyes, MD
Medical director, maternal and fetal medicine, Virgina Hospital Center, Washington D.C.

Peter J. Snow
Strategy consultant, New Mexico

Michael A. Stein
Retired, formerly chief financial officer of ICOS Corporation, Washington

Charles Watts, MD
Professor of medicine, Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, Illinois

Bob Wilson
Finance and audit consultant, New Mexico

Ellen Wolf
Educational consultant, Washington
This is the list of their "Sponsors":


This is listed as "Providence Health and Services Leadership":
System Leadership

Rodney F. Hochman, MD, president and CEO
Mike Butler, president, operations and services
Deborah Burton, RN, PhD, vice president, chief nursing officer
Debra A. Canales, executive vice president, chief people and experience officer
Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D., executive vice president and chief clinical officer
Joel Gilbertson, senior vice president, community partnerships and external affairs
Todd Hofheins, executive vice president, chief financial officer
Orest Holubec, senior vice president, marketing and communication
Dave Hunter, vice president, supply chain management
Aaron Martin, senior vice president, strategy and innovation
Rhonda Medows, MD, executive vice president, population health
John O. “Jack” Mudd, senior vice president, Mission leadership
Janice Newell, senior vice president, chief information officer
Harvey W. Smith, chief customer experience officer
Cindy Strauss, senior vice president, chief legal officer
Craig Wright, MD, senior vice president, physician services

Regional & Service Line Leadership

Anthony Armada, FACHE, chief executive officer, Swedish Health Services
Steve Burdick, regional chief executive, Southeast Washington
Ira Byock, MD, chief medical officer, Providence Institute for Human Caring
Medrice Coluccio, regional chief executive, Southwest Washington
Elaine Couture, regional chief executive, Eastern Washington
Jeff Fee, regional chief executive, Western Montana
Robert Hellrigel, senior vice president and chief executive, Senior and Community Services
Bruce Lamoureux, regional chief executive, Alaska
Marcel Loh, FACHE, chief executive, Providence Saint John's Health Center and the John Wayne Cancer Institute
Preston Simmons, FACHE, regional chief executive, Northwest Washington
Dave Underriner, regional chief executive, Oregon
Timothy Zaricznyj, PhD, director, supportive housing
Because of the continuing clusterfuck where I live, this is one of the gifts I got for Christmas:

Other gifts I got for Christmas were the complete dissolving of the British empire and a confession from the Bush 43-era military about how they had installed Adolf Hitler in office and started the Second World War.

The Yahoo front page as I see it here has been turned into a giant Republican push poll and a conservative psy op is attempting to affect nearly all broadcast and recorded media to which I am exposed.

People were almost certainly murdered again as I listened to the weirdness upstairs while typing this.