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mar, le 23 fév 2016, 04:02

At a little after 8 o'clock the new email alert was there again and then there was the absence of new emails in the actual inbox. The wireless signal then refused to work over and over again while I listened to Woody Allen stand-up in the background.

I went to sleep and at quarter after 3 in the morning the wireless worked for a minute until I started blocking FB accounts and it would immediately disconnect. At 4am it started working again. So 8 hours later, I get to post that there is something wrong with the wireless here. :)

lun, le 22 fév 2016, 09:22

Come gather ’round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’
For the loser now will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside and it is ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly agin’
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin’

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is rapidly fadin’
And the first one now will later be last
For the times they are a-changin’

dim, le 21 fév 2016, 20:22
How many Rhodes must a man travel down?

The thing with the new mail alert without any new mail to go along with it happened again. Why not keep track while I can instead of accepting that as normal? That is lame! That's how wars start, you know? Ever see Gallipoli?

Man oh man. Depressing about the Zeppelin. Another case of good people taking orders from garbage leaders and then getting hounded by furies for years and years. "That's the wayee, that's the wayee it oughtta beeee." Sure thing there, rental car customer! Surely they know what I'm talking about. I've always disliked cars, ever since... eh, that day seventeen years ago with Zeppelin III actually. Check out the memory on Dave! The CD on the table! Way back when! When I play the tape of the amphibious landing later on remember how much fun you had going to the beach without me.


Had a nice afternoon with a movie from childhood. "Dong..., where is my automobile?"


The article about the shooting in Kalamazoo failed to include a picture of the people breaking into my room lately.

Can I tell you something? I truly honestly liked that Michael Keaton sketch from SNL where he talked about Good Friday and then held up that DVD and said "This is the best Friday." You know the one? The sketch where he asks how Jesus is gonna fuck the chocolate Easter bunny? Feels good to admit it. I LOL'd when the Kalamazoo victims turned up in a place called "Cracker Barrel".

Totally off the subject, though related to the idea that friends are simply people or people substitutes laying in wait to hurt me on orders from wealthy scum, these were the vocab textbooks they gave us at the Academy.

A science fiction spin-off has someone staring into a camera stating that he wants to settle an old debt, which sounds great, that would allow me to settle some old debts as well, I have a few of those. He hands a card across the table as if it has currency encoded on it somehow. I look around the room here and fail to notice any such card in the area. Great idea though.

I sure used to run away from home a lot, didn't I.

sam, le 20 fév 2016, 22:40


According to the Hebrew Bible, the Jebusites (/ˈdʒɛbjəˌsaɪts/; Hebrew: יְבוּסִי, Modern Yevusi, Tiberian Yəḇûsî ISO 259-3 Ybusi) were a Canaanite tribe who built and inhabited Jerusalem prior to its conquest by King David. The Books of Kings state that Jerusalem was known as Jebus prior to this event. According to some biblical chronologies, the city was conquered by King David in 1003 BCE, or according to other sources 869 BCE.

sam, le 20 fév 2016, 19:26
(Sister Bernadette)

sam, le 20 fév 2016, 09:50
Fifty Nifty United Jpegs

I dreamed I was at the computer fixing old writing and when I woke up the footsteps upstairs were waiting. Over a couple of hours I watched more Twilight Zone, an increasingly friendly institution, went to the store where there was only one weird specimen laying in wait rather than the whole squads with their vigil by the daily bread, and then went home to start clicking on video files and figure out how to proceed with today. The constructicons must have the day off or something, they're probably in South Carolina voting for Republicans.

If I had been more clever I would have gone outside during night hours to look for the planetary alignment, though alas, I slept like a normal person instead.

Have been watching old Daily Show episodes and during the Daryl Hall episode Mr. Beefstu was misbehaving again so I played a more recent Daily Show episode with Mr. Noah simultaneously, the only time I have ever viewed Mr. Noah on purpose, and waited for a reaction. In the background a youtube file where the very pretty specimen that had replaced Tina Fey by wearing a very convincing Tina Fey body suit broke the creepy wifi connection once or twice, and then it broke again when I tried to watch an old Alanis video in which she states she had been "replaced", and then it broke again when I searched on the particular cross-eyed bear someone apparently gave to her.


Among the Daily Show episodes I have on the hard drive this week at the end of February 2016 are seasons lacking date indexed episodes in 1999 and 2000 where I have been holding the fort and allowing Mr. Stewart to continue his run despite the interference that happened via the robots in the lobby here that will simply never let me enjoy any amount of entertainment in that area ever. If it says Daly on it the robots have to crap all over it and pretend it is theirs and that is very lame, which is why I have been enjoying the Stewart experiment, even when he is mean, and even though the Mr. Stewart from 2008 almost seems like an entirely different person than the one from 1999-2001, as if he were captured and replaced, or at the very least had his episodes custom edited by Homeland Security people. Eventually I clicked on a random episode and there was Phillip Seymour Hoffman basically saying "I KNOW YOU KILLED ME AND I AM STILL FUNNY". So there was that.

It occurs to me that David Dinkins, David Vitter and David Daleiden are all people that owe me their existence and yet probably hate me, if they even know anything about me. That's okay. They can be chased from the public life I never wanted I suppose. I know some nice ashtrays we can all visit maybe. And there is that very exciting foodstamp line.

Currently I am observing the robot sounds while a Republican primary is going on, presumably with electronic voting machines as my accounts are flagrantly hacked over and over again. Good luck with that. When I mentioned the creepy wireless signal here just now the signal went dead and the robot footsteps walked back and forth toward their doom. As I try to get it working again the footsteps continue.

I'll click on the Daily Show with Conan to see what they have to say about it. At 9:11 I'll go looking for another signal somewhere else, just on general principle, and then I'll wait to figure out where the typos were inserted by third parties, if in fact that happens again, which I suppose was always meant to make this look like a bunch of uncool madness. The WHObot I met downtown yesterday, who has all the makings of a very charming person I would otherwise want to party with, pretty much said out loud the goal is to brand me as even more crazy than I already am. People that know me know that I am pretty far out there, which is how you know when I've found something good, because the sane is all I look for anymore in any social interaction ever. The artificial typos and rewrites are one of the reasons it is often very helpful to post a cut and paste or a screen shot of other people's writing, so all typos and bad writing form are more clearly marked as Someone Else's work.

Okay 9:11 am, any last words Mr. Pixelated Stewart? What's that? A list of documented lies from Republican media?

And now, your Moment of Zen.

ven, le 19 fév 2016, 17:06
Waiting for douchelord

This is one of those moments, like with Mr. Sacks last year, that I wish I could have avoided an argument with the "time being", or at least wished that the time being could have behaved a little more nicely so we wouldn't have to read the sad news from Italia that surely occurred as I was bickering with a robot downtown this afternoon, who apparently felt it as it was happening. Oddly, the robot in the immediate vicinity will have none of this mourning business, and is trying to stamp out whatever feeling I might have had for the writing of Mr. Eco as I type this, trying to process his loss. I swear, for a few moments there, it felt like the robots were sorry, and then that went away.


ven, le 19 fév 2016, 09:11
The pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge

In 1944, the 14th Dalai Lama turned nine years old.

Transposing for hypothetical purposes, the year I had my ninth birthday would be the year a Nazi mountaineer showed up as some kind of tutor. That would be 3rd grade, the year the special tutor showed up to advise Jamie Vogt in the janitor closet around the corner from the classroom, basically removing the only black kid in the class from the actual proximity of the class. I spent much of that year drawing mazes and Hothscapes with my friend John Becker on recycled printouts donated by Mrs. Breslin who believed in unicorns. I have been told in the last year about the Becker family, the man with the mustache and his wife Regina that adopted John and his younger sister Jillian. That same man with the mustache was replicated in 2010 to appear outside my building scolding me about my "playground going away". Dim nazi motherfucker thought I was oppressing him or something with all my open weeping. Gee, thanks guys! Nice oil spill you got there! Have a great marathon!

What exactly is a Becker anyway? I remember where we left off with Necker in the Old Europe game. A Becker was probably a creation of the post-2010 problem, yes? 2010 was the year we found the enemy planted all around the Alphabet District conspicuously driving past in Beck's beer trucks among other things. They felt so emasculated by Easter and the months afterward that they spent months making me watch them shove their German House students into the old romantic interest. What a great Summer that was.

Ted Kennedy, 1997 - "Doctor, you've stated that cloning of humans would be ill considered and technically difficult to accomplish, can you expand a little bit on what you see as the biggest technical obstacle in human cloning?"

Movies released from the beginning of 1981 up until my birthday include:
Blood Beach
The Incredible Shrinking Woman
American Pop
All Night Long
The Devil and Max Devlin
On the Right Track
Back Roads
The Funhouse
Modern Romance
Omen III: The Final Conflict
The Postman Always Rings Twice
Eyes of a Stranger
Hardly Working
This Is Elvis
Going Ape!
The Howling
Cattle Annie and Little Britches
The Hand
Ms. 45
Night School
Take This Job and Shove It
Bloody Birthday
Friday the 13th Part 2
Graduation Day
King of the Mountain
Image of the Beast
The Burning
The Fan
Bustin' Loose
The Four Seasons
The Legend of the Lone Ranger
Dead & Buried
The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia
Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams
Final Exam
Tuck Everlasting
Clash of the Titans
History of the World, Part I
Raiders of the Lost Ark
I remember watching most of these for the first time on cable television long after they'd run in theaters. The list of movies from the remainder of 1981 seems equally damning, especially as 4th grade started later that year, and our teacher was this freakishly angry hag named Mrs. Bush that would point at myself and the red-haired kid at the desk in front of me (named Macintosh actually) and call us "fric and frac".

I was testing the robots this morning to see what provokes what kind of audible reaction. They bang along simultaneous with all typing and then when you play youtube clips of soldiers on CBS they go completely quiet.

ven, le 19 fév 2016, 07:25

Everything that CBS ever lied about since 1959 was prancing around on my screen a little while ago letting all those pilots purposely die near the Iraqi telephone polls and elsewhere because they enjoy all their embezzled public funds too much to care otherwise. Little reminder.

ven, le 19 fév 2016, 07:04

Yesterday was Thursday, I left the apartment to the repair people and went our for a walk, though the wind was pointing a direction away from Pioneer Square I went there anyway to go robot detecting. I wanted to update about what I had heard on robot radio about the FBI supposedly looking into the webmail hackery, where after five plus years of censored communications the moment I post about it publicly I am supposed to believe someone is actually looking into it because fatalities are involved and now people know, again.

Today the new email alert said 3 new mails by the way, with only 2 new mails appearing, so I guess the FBI inquiry is going about as well as ever. The creeping things upstairs are quieter than usual though active anyway, and we know about their interactivity with the software, so maybe somewhere in the next five years the FBI will think to weld them into some lead suits or something to keep them out of my business.

I wound up photographing many robots yesterday, seemingly part of the furniture at the Starbucks locations all over town, and had some choice verbal abuse for the fat one near the Portlandia Building, wondering why its friend would tolerate such a thing instead of harpooning it and putting it on a wall.

Then I went back to Hawthorne out of rote repetition where much of the Christianity scam had backed away, apparently far less interested in an area without a bible boy to cover up, and had a long conversation with some friendly looking strangers about robot dynamics and the current stress levels involved. We discussed a Johnny Depp movie about collective cognition through nanotechnology, and I told them about how we only have Johnny Depp in the first place because I once lived near 21st Ave when they decided to invent 21 Jump Street. I told them about the difference between a real life dead lawyer and a pseudo-fictitious movie lawyer (apparently based on an apparently dead real life lawyer himself), and how that works into my housing problems. I'm expected to cope with a mountain that isn't a mountain, a hill that isn't a hill, some parents that aren't parents, a house that isn't a house, and disability housing that is being treated as an experimental jail when it isn't literally being called the Temple of Fire by the Bush 43-era hollywood people that apparently gave us Hitler in the first place. I always knew there was something wrong with Dwayne Johnson, from the first moment I saw him, you know? I got yr Man Show right here people!

The laptop is still working pretty well as a robot detector, and the friendly tone of some street kids allowed me to formulate my probably naive view towards the nuclear diplomacy I am probably fooling myself into thinking is worthwhile. I told them nuclear war is bad for the economy among other things for instance. They seemed to think it was a harsher toke than that and I was explaining yeah I understand, I only have to figure out how much more of this bullshit I am willing to tolerate so I can go on believing vaporizing these absolutely disgusting creeping things is some kind of unhealthy choice.

A few hours later after running into Groundscore who assures me he was never even close to British, I almost broke down sobbing at the Gabby Giffords Honorary Smoking Lounge as the nicotine detox occured and I started remembering things I usually have hidden away.

By the time I was finally limping home I had snapped out of my sympathizing with the ruined landscape, and understood that of course a sane person would destroy all of this for its multifarious crimes against humanity, against reason, against sentience itself.

There is something continuing the "social life background field" meanwhile, the collecting of old friends into a kind of pedestrian proximity to artificially fill the void from where I gave up on the school peer group years ago. Since the Star Wars premiere when they dressed up Mr. Bowman and trotted him past me at the Safeway, there was Gillingham from Hum 220 a few days ago, Mr. Funk and what looks like his new family a day or two after that, and then yesterday G. Habel from the Pond in 1999 walking past outside the window on Hawthorne.

In years past there was Cherie and Alec that one night near Cubo when I was working on the WW2 puzzle, and that weird day Fillerup and C. Nash walked past back when Petraeus was leaving CIA and I had been speculating on Mr. "Beautiful Mind" Nash at Princeton. The last Karen sighting was months ago by the Gentle Dental on 2nd and Main near the Police Dept., and I wondered if L was pacing around near the bus stop yesterday but I think that guess may have been in error, unless the purple jacket afterward was a decoy. They made so many L's it is mindboggling. Maybe she drove past in a Prius later on? Or maybe that was only some kind of flimsy Frances McDormand. Dhyana replications littered the buttscape, and the only doorbot waiting when I finally arrived home was some combination of all of them, lingering outside the room on the 5th floor with a doorway that apparently connects to the Homeland Security Building according to the experiment last Summer with the junkmail.

When they go trying to replicate some amalgam of what might have once been my social life they can only work with people that are still in the area, so their choices are a bit limited unless the folks are imported in or are visiting for other reasons. They are supposed to be a bunch of church buildings and a pile of funds and instead are only particulate iron and carbon forming useless shapes in the background.

Hopefully it will be over soon.

jeu, le 18 fév 2016, 06:14

Evil government censor update continued...

The email alert says 2 new messages have arrived, the inbox only has one new message for some kind of disco event at the end of the month which I will surely skip. What message has been censored? It is the one that says someone out there gets to survive today, correct?

Correct. So solly! You will explode now. Where will you explode? Turkey like yesterday or somewhere else? It is a Thursday after all and the options are so many!

jeu, le 18 fév 2016, 04:50

We've been talking recently about what is wrong with this place and the fact you need to fix it, starting a long time ago. We talked about the multi-million dollar psych torture process around the corner from here, and finally had them identified as "Trey Gowdy's Republican colleagues" during the televised robot inquisition some months ago. We've talked about the sub-human filth and her brat fucking kid with the weird cranium that lives in room 606. I told you she is with the robotic things that are running people for office currently and that she stalks me around the neighborhood, and if you were paying attention yesterday you saw her waiting for me outside the building after I returned home from a busy afternoon of downloading, and maybe you saw me deftly avoiding her, and maybe you even deftly helped me avoid some of her ilk waiting around elsewhere near the doorways. We've talked about the people that have repeatedly broken into my home and the items they stole and/or damaged, and the management that allowed them to continue. We've talked about the cameras installed which are exploited by Hollywood and others for use in their epic jerk-off productions, and a while ago, before he was replaced, I wrote to my case worker about the specific television franchises that are involved in the harassing-me-where-I-live process. I told him that the creepy old Clint Eastwood from BBC was angrily stomping on a floor in a tv show at the same time as the gorgon upstairs was also stomping on her floor in a process which has been ongoing for many months, for the one reason that I have been nice and have avoided chopping her legs off myself so far. Also, I have tried to explain the family resemblance, that the gorgon upstairs appears to be related to the X Files breeding projects we have been observing since 2011.

What I am telling you is that you will remove these problems now. You will either restore my funds so I can leave, or you will remove the burden people planted around me, or you will be vaporized.

Believe it.

The WHO babysitter smiled when I read yesterday that Rod Serling died at age 50. You notice that number a lot, correct? What was funny was watching her smile turn to a frown when I looked up the term "douchelord". That was hilarious.

Douchelord! Remove these things! NOW!

mer, le 17 fév 2016, 12:22

One of a zillion shootings, the news today is about only one of them, in the location named after the city in Paraguay where the Nazis lived in hiding, after we found that thing about Paraguay on the Patient X blog, why not publish a story about how Apple refuses to help Nazis break into the phones? I would read that story. Hey FBI? Why not publish a story about how you refuse to let your bosses break into all the money you owe me?

mer, le 17 fév 2016, 08:30
Story of hurricane

I'm trying to gauge what went wrong with all this here by observing what the captors believe went missing, and what they believe is that Thursdays have to include a bunch of heinous noisy bullshit or else they can never be happy or something, and so tomorrow there will be workers in here apparently playing with the window glass and I will have to figure out what to do with myself in the meantime.

The thing that went missing on Thursday was what exactly? Every week for years they fill the blank with "3" things according to park weirdo. They run me out of rolling papers and make me have to go outside on Thursdays at which point people break in and play with my things. I finally got a guy to admit it last year during a moment of friendliness. The moment of friendliness happened because we were all sick of being considered expendable by incompetent leadership. When I tell them about how my grandparents met in San Diego they are friendly for a little while, and then on Thursdays there is the heinous bullshit again.

I wonder, was the missing email this morning permission from the police to go upstairs and throttle those things in room 606? I can dream can't I?

mer, le 17 fév 2016, 07:50

Also, today was another day where there was a new email alert without any corresponding new email to go along with it, when any number of people might be trying to get through. That has only been the case for over four years now though why not mention it, and draw attention to the repeated failures of the captors while I still can.

Fifty million dollars please!


Fifty million! Dollars not bodies! Please! Now!

mer, le 17 fév 2016, 07:36

China's space telescope to displace humans in search for aliens

China will move nearly 10,000 people to make way for the world's largest radio telescope which promises to help humanity search for alien life, state media reported on Tuesday.

The five-hundred-metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), nestled between hills in the southwestern province of Guizhou, is due to start operation this year.

FAST, built at a cost of 1.2 billion yuan, will dwarf the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico as the world's largest radio telescope, which is some 300 metres in diameter.

Xinhua earlier cited Wu Xiangping, director-general of the Chinese Astronomical Society, as saying that the telescope's high level of sensitivity "will help us to search for intelligent life outside of the galaxy".
Remember, the thing we observed in 2010 was immense, it was huge, incomprehensibly big, dwarfing the size of an entire star, cognating at an unbelievably fast rate, the aliens we saw make humanity look like amoebas, so be careful what you go looking for!

It calls to mind that whole transcendentalist thing were a culture is judged by their treatment of the very small, as if our ability to get along with insects for instance resembles the ability of the Hugeness to get along with us. I keep telling the bugs in the room that I have to keep the place clear, or else I would have all sorts of extended conversations with them like that day they were pointing at stellar locations on my monitor. I could get in trouble if they find bugs in my room! This place is so weird! They will purposely plant larvae in the area and then announce they will inspect for bugs. Sigourney Weaver could tell you all about it.

I had to wonder about the shape in which the "space glue from the future" is taking while it visits. I remember the jpegs of those flies I was playing with in 2004 on the old Apple machine at Alder House. The displacement phenomenon that resulted in wave after wave of smart bug makes me wonder if those files are the reason why the glue looks like bugs.

It's almost funny that divine justice can be mathematically quantified by measuring the selfish aims of those that risk deleting themselves in a paradox simply to have their way with the world's most famous innocent bystander. Those people that thought I would be either ruined or dead in 2006 are only alive in the first place because I survived to 2011, correct? And now the entire spatial medium resembles that issue. Those people that considered me disposable in 2012 are only alive because I survived to 2015, correct? Do you know what kind of havoc that plays with the universe? How in the fuck is the military supposed to defend itself from their own atoms? It is unbelievable. I remember once in the comics Deadpool would fight and fight until he started disintegrating on his own power. The last part of him left after he turned to mush was an extended middle finger. That could happen here! It almost did!

Be careful how you treat the very small when you go looking for the very large. It's all the same thing.

mer, le 17 fév 2016, 06:55
"He was given a pat on the back"

Tilda Swinton will appear in some new thing called "A Bigger Splash", which has a name with an official origin story which is a little deceptive. If I had to guess, it is named after that line from the movie Patton where Karl Malden is complaining about the George C. Scott character, a person we are to presume is from the Bush 43 era, represented in the movies during the Nixon era, in a story about the Germans during the WW2 era. As per some of the content recently regarding an old rear-view mirror I found in 2004, the Bush 43 era was known for at least one prominent big splash, one of a series of "splashes" including the semi-constant eyebrow references and others items from 2011. Remember I was given this name Moses in an ancient book we only started writing at the end of 2011, years after the issue with the "pursuing army" drowned in the Red Sea, which turns out to be any number of watery bodies.

I never finished watching Patton because it was too painful. The constant threats and insults were beyond annoying, from the idea that I am not allowed my own individuality in this new collective worldview, to the stated plan that they would be waiting to kill me somewhere en route if I tried to literally walk back to the east coast to escape the hive mind of this location.

I obviously require at least some semblance of an individual self in this situation where millions of people are claiming to comprise some part of my body or another, and I have obviously had a bad experience with at least some of these wetware robots claiming to be extensions of my apparently biblical physical apparatus, or else the nightmares would have a different tone than they have currently. I remember when I found my extended bodily bits in Lebanon, which was very interesting when it happened, and I remember finding out why my last name rhymes with "Israeli", which was also profoundly interesting. The fact that there would be no Israel in modern times if it weren't for a major global disaster involving some 20th century jerkweed pretending he was acting on behalf of my body will never exactly be lost on me.

Italy itself was named after me, and the WW2 battle scenes as depicted in Patton show the consistent theme of fighting over the religion, with locations plucked from biblical terminology over and over again just to show the point. I started watching that film during a period where I would confer with the bible's collective authors pretty much every day, resulting in near word for word quotations from George C. Scott in response as I spoke at the monitor, "every goddam day" for instance, which was twisted beyond belief, to actually hear those things for real rather than to simply speculate about them like what had been going on around me for years.

There it was, there was the thing that went back and trashed Europe, it was mad at me and it was leveling entire cities in defense of a stolen and mutilated religion, the jackpot for those that like myself go looking around for war criminals.

As per the showbiz industry, feel free to remember how many of you Academy motherfuckers out there voted that thing Best Picture in 1970, and also feel free to remember that Robert Altman's MASH was a close second, a far better movie for myriad reasons, especially because it showed the "12" years at their friendliest, back when they were cool, before they got dragged into this current state resembling the very end of Body Snatchers, where I am having to leave behind their bible and their constant domestic harassment, if I can actually pull that off somehow amid all my laziness.

I reserve the right to continue screaming at the monster things in the room upstairs from me and in fact all over town, but I wanted to remind Beth in Show that Tilda has some good moments sometimes, just in case there was a problem.

mar, le 16 fév 2016, 18:57
Let me build a bridge for I cannot nuke the chasm

If you're in the popularity industry and making lots of choices about what you see here I have to warn you I am enjoying the angry and surreal overtones of my original studies more and more often and forgetting the populism that is part of the ongoing success of some of my friends, so be careful! I was never exactly to be emulated! The point of some of the more major time projects involving myself was in response to the fact that I am a humanitarian disaster area, exploited by a long series of corrupt governments. I am deformed and pissed off and I am more likely to hate your overtures than you might imagine.

The Providence signal fails and fails again until the websites I visit can be spoofed and filled with garbage before I view them. I thought I'd reported them to the police ages ago, and then if I fail to get a response online who am I to blame?

Scott Kelly's photographs however are wonderful. I appreciated NASA's Saturn coverage when there was a problem here that went by a similar name. Very clever space nerds!

Something I am having extreme difficulty with is the April 2010 event being continually described as some kind of alien invasion. I have heard it explained that way in the cartoon I am watching and in the 1980's Lathe of Heaven production which was actually more about the oil spill and criminal aryans in hiding than it was about aliens. There were such a large number of obviously good and proper reactions to that day in 2010 and they never got close to happening, because the earthly authorities enjoy depriving Patient X more than they like having their species intact. All the time I still run into "people" that think history was a weird fluke of finger tapping and Yes music, though thankfully, with the exception of the Davos coverage, we have stopped hearing about the evil leprechauns of U2 whose message on Easter 2010 is now revealed to be far more sinister than it looked originally. U2 was saying on Easter 2010: "We are evil clones lying in wait to kill your President so quiet please", rather than some other type of relief from suffering. Typing that sentence has made the robots upstairs sort of jumpy again. As I have mentioned before, they are here from the junta currently running Washington which I have only had to mention because they are least as cruel at this point as the people they replaced, so fuck those people with pointy wooden stick as far as I'm concerned.

There are dueling versions of that which "perverts" the classical language systems, where the insane sexual projections of an intensely immature culture are in contradiction to the facts of nature and how it is the sex I once had turned somehow into a series of major global conflicts. What had once been a controversy about the nature of a worldwide religion enshrining some acts of millennial cunnilingus has twisted a population into a bunch of angry conservative power mad rapists unable to quit it with their fixation on abortion and sickening reproductive problems. It seems like the folks that know otherwise wind up dead or worse.

This Battle of the Planets remake of Gatchaman that I grew up with as a child has been filled with problems since the holidays. The illusion of control that the Team 6 people like to portray is pretty offensive often enough, if that is them anyway, especially when I had only been trying to help in the first place. Their enemy planet is called Spectra, which rather than a city, I presume is supposed to mean the actual prismatic spectral entity we saw in 2010. The defecation and theft routine continues episode after episode until they get me friendly again with mention of this President Cane, and then the defecation and theft routine continues.

Keyop was Kyle? And out of uniform, he wears a shirt that says "4"? That's hilarious. Maybe Keyop is someone else. This show is from 1978? Which means everything from Iranian hostages to fuel problems to an Olympics boycott and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were part of their supposedly masterful approach to the world.

Since last year I've been reviewing downloaded versions of shows I ran home to watch when I was growing up in New York. Today I viewed a few of them, Robey the Robot and some episodes of BOTP. The many glitches in the wireless signal correspond still to the movements of the devil woman upstairs, and I am presuming my mailbox is still devoid of check and that the synchronized doorknob bitch from down the hall is further proof of that. When will they realize all their door grafting is useless? The entire world still knows you robbed me and in fact the entire world hates you regardless of how you behave near a doorway.

Someone tried to break the timeline in order to bother me personally and now space glue from the future is here to weld the place back together. Correct? Children from a marriage I never had are now stranded across the globe mad as hell about it. And that is only one of many problems. You have almost forgotten about the original "crisis" issue, because you never intended to install the correct Jesus anyway. Right? Right. We know that because of your theft and defecation problem.

I think I tried to show you once how the Marvel Comics movie franchises were affecting the major lie about the thing in the sky in April 2010. The Thor and Avengers movies specifically got the closest to the subject. A creature made of pure love appearing over Portland was depicted as a bunch of armored space whales shooting up Manhattan because the military needed to play with expensive war toys and feel good about it. Because it was me that found it the industry needs to pretend it was an evil space invader or otherwise they would have to acknowledge the facts of their environment. Man-made robots still litter the landscape crapping on everything I see and 6 pretends the problem is alien invaders rather than their own foul choices.


I promise I only wanted to help.

The opening episodes of Twilight Zone also confess that the attention is being paid upward, that the important thing is up there somewhere, and I suspect the noise beasts of this location are part of a hydraulics regime helping with interconnectivity not only with places like the capitol dome in Washington but also far away in orbit around other planets. Tiny errors made in communication among such distances require all sorts of safety measures as far as the assholes here understand it. Proximity to other planets has been normal for quite a long while, and synchronization with them is kind of a big deal. With all the "breaking" of the days and the time wars raging, disconnecting a society from a future that went to other worlds is all sorts of problematic. Hence the space glue from the future forcing their way onto things.

Competing approaches to some kind of massive detonation are still addressed by the various recorded media I am viewing. Among the most reliable sources still is the guy that said a "bridge" was being targeted in the proximity of some kind of experimental prison, which is pretty much this whole city as far as I can tell. The "bridge" is bad because it is full of Russians? The Russians are here because Portland is full of Nazis? Remember when the U2 video in 2010 commenced years of arguing over how to buy a new physical bridge from here to Washington State? Millions were squandered on a faulty blueprint, the idea was eventually thrown away, and the Governor that let me languish on a radioactive sidewalk for years in a row was eventually chased from office? And "the bridge" was always a type of communications method? And presumably a nuclear bomb might go off there? And that is a happy ending to many? I wondered if I had found an old LJ comment I had written myself which may have been the cause of some of the bridge terminology. Van Halen is with the Marines? David Lee Roth has "been to the edge" and lost a lot of friends there? And that is why there is this messiah industry in ruined heaps bitching about embryos on my radio?

I went outside yesterday and witnessed a bunch of healthy normals over near the book store. I go outside less and less frequently. For the nuclear danger to decrease, the "prison" must decrease, and huge improvements are made out there sometimes, though there are still a few "prison guard" holdouts and I have to dodge the remote control buttholes even on the good days. There was a funny version of that yesterday which wound up resulting in some screaming near an office building. A man bent over and grabbed his ankles for a full ten minutes while some nebbish loser approached and told me I would be unable to hide in his doorway to avoid it. I gave him several high decibel fuck yous and utilized some passing pedestrians to avoid the butt monster. You know somewhere people almost certainly died because of it, and you must enjoy that fact or else it wouldn't have happened. Someday when that repeats I will sodomize you with something pointy and your lame smoking crater apologies afterward will be as meaningless as they already are. You are only sore losers making beautiful things ugly. You will go home bleeding from the anus you like so much. You remember the day with the 9,000 plus people that died in one afternoon last year because of this problem, correct? My patience is gone now therefore and I will hurt you myself. Pray the police drag you away before I find you in person.

On my monitor are scumbags from 1978 that owe me their lives. Sorry about that! I promise I will let them die stupidly next time.
The Battle of the Planets adaptation differs significantly from Gatchaman. The difference is due to heavy editing made to make the show appealing to the audience in the United States by removing controversial elements (i.e. graphic violence, profanity and transgenderism) while adding elements reminiscent of the feature film Star Wars, which was popular at the time. In fact the name "Battle of the Planets" was an attempt to associate itself with that popularity of Star Wars. While the original Gatchaman was earthbound, dark-toned, and environmentally themed, the adaptation morphed it into a kid-friendly outer space show with robot characters, although some environmental themes were kept, and this is also why the other planets to which G-Force traveled on missions looked very much like Earth. Setting, violence, objectionable language, and most character fatalities were altered or eliminated by cutting scenes, dubbing, and explanatory voiceovers (for instance, claiming that the city had been evacuated before a battle scene that would show the incidental destruction of buildings and houses, as well as explaining away the destruction of the Earth armies and air forces as being robot tanks and fighter planes).

One of the most notable changes in the BotP adaptation involves the character Keyop (Jinpei in Gatchaman), who picked up a bizarre verbal tic of stuttering, chirping, and burbling every time he started to speak. There was a longstanding fan rumor that this was done because the original character spoke using much profanity and that Keyop's excess mouth motion would cover up deleting the words. This was not true, as demonstrated by the existence of an unedited Gatchaman version released by ADV Films in the USA, in which Keyop rarely if ever used profanity. The in-story explanation for Keyop's unique manner of speech is that he is an artificial life form with a speech impediment because of slightly defective genetic engineering.

The main villain, known as Zoltar in BotP, had an unusual background due to the hermaphroditic nature of the original Berg Katse character. In an episode where Katse's female half was featured (BotP title: "The Galaxy Girls"), she was introduced as a separate character, Zoltar's sister, for BotP. (A hint of her actual nature was retained in the name she used when masquerading as a human, Mala Latroz—"Latroz" is an anagram of "Zoltar.")

To compensate for the other differences, a robot named 7-Zark-7 performed explanatory voiceovers and light comic relief, which not only padded the time lost from editing but also filled in the gaps in the story line. This device bears the influence of contemporary Star Wars film, with 7-Zark-7 having a visual appearance not dissimilar from R2-D2, and a somewhat campy personality in the style of C3PO. Notionally, 7-Zark-7 ran the undersea monitoring station Center Neptune, from where he received information regarding incoming threats to Earth and relayed that information to G-Force. Zark and other added characters, such as 1-Rover-1, Zark's robotic dog (who could hover from one side of the control room to the other by spinning his tail like a propeller, Muttley-style) and Susan (the early-warning computer whose sultry feminine voice often sent Zark into paroxysms) added to the cartoon's youth appeal. Some additional footage was also animated showing G-Force members (using their Gatchaman model sheets) interacting with Zark, helping his addition blend more smoothly into the existing Gatchaman footage (although there is a clear difference in quality between the Zark and the Gatchaman animation).
[The artificially inserted typo in this post was the deletion of the words "hates you", which I have corrected.]

[Oh, and "screaming" was very humorously changed to "creaming". Heh.]

[Also, "will" was deleted and "sodomize" was put in italics.]

lun, le 15 fév 2016, 15:42

Maybe you'll say I'm short sighted, and that I'm forgetting about the crazy lady at the old place, but at the very least Loretta Lynch scored points with me when she went after Citibank. Her time as Attorney General has already been far superior to Eric Holder and she's only been there a very short while.

If I had some test questions for her, it would be about her opinions on the robots flushing souls down the toilet all day long where I live, and whether or not these big movie opening weekends owe me some kind of revenue for their conspicuous invasion of my life. The book where you rest your hand and swear to tell the truth happens to be full of bald faced lies, so in terms of wealthy criminals running amok, when would she as a Supreme Court Justice actually stop the wealthy criminals running amok?

For instance I am constantly overlooking the good neighbors here when I have to scream at all the bad ones. When will the bad ones be dragged back and forth over some railroad tracks until they stop twitching?

lun, le 15 fév 2016, 12:30
Now world's second most famous Albanian

A little after noon on President's Day 2016.

Where should we visit? Which batch of Presidents has the best quotations for today? There are so many! There's only been a limited number of them since things went crazy a few years ago.

The way the movies made it look, the Xmas poisoning was some kind of gift to someone's lady friend, instead of what it actually was, which made it that much nicer when I figured out recently what Ann and Nancy were talking about here.

In some other windows Christian Bale has just been stabbed in the side and John Belushi has joined OJ Simpson on the dance floor. A prominent European lady monarch has been explaining recently that they are pretty much forced into a degradation routine regarding myself and that she is all sorts of sorry about it, though we are finding laughs where we can. All very Braveheart.

NASA has posted a picture of D.C. and the IDF has also posted a picture of D.C.

I learned about the arrows last year, so now this makes more sense:

Ignore the freakish dead meat upstairs? Okay, for the moment. Okay now the moment is over. FREAKISH DEAD MEAT!

Manchurian Candidate told me about the Not Ready for Prime Time Players last year when I had been working on the WW2 puzzle. They were described as an army project to help navigate the robot apocalypse going on currently. The clips I am watching are apparently from before Mr. Michaels went kind of weird. How many factory produced offspring do I have living in Lorne Michaels' building anyway? I can think of a couple. Back during Best of John Belushi though that was totally off the subject. The gift of time was originally invoked back when there was a Ms. Lush on the friends list. She appears to have been too intelligent to stick around the death trap that is this place however.

What would you tell OJ Simpson in 1979 if you had the chance?

Where will the typo appear if/when I post this? Yesterday "matter" was changed to "mater" in between posting and reading. The typos have been happening in every post I've made since mid-2010. Someone's idea of wizarding or something.

Hi. I'm Dave. I'm the guy from the American flag, the 4th of July, the Declaration of Independence, all the world wars and all the civil wars and most of the other wars too. I am represented astronomically and also on the Planck Scale. I hate most things these days, though it was nice to see the Princess again. There are few things I hate more than fake ass aliens, and I have been considering some violence recently. I was hoping to speak with the actual police about it first rather than the imaginary police of a Christopher Nolan movie, even though they are on the phone currently.

Thank you Ann and Nancy for your support. I'm sure very few people would understand the type of pleasure involved.

lun, le 15 fév 2016, 05:15

Visiting Hawthorne yesterday was about as stupid as going back home to the apartment afterward. I've been yelling at the neighbors to stop their weird narration since at least November. And why would I visit a place like Hawthorne on purpose after the big slog originally? Finding that the people there had only gotten worse is simply tedious repetition at this point. I had a craving for a specific dessert for breakfast. That is what happened. I remember the idea that the whole place could explode, last Halloween they said it could happen any minute, which was obviously many many "any minutes" ago. I start to wonder if I should listen to Carrie Fisher's advice and then find the Hawthorne people and elsewhere absolutely horrifying. I wind up feeling sorry that good people have to watch me reacting in anger all the time and then the anger winds up feeling pretty okay sometimes. Fending off the things that are never satisfied until a mood is deflated sometimes works if I can keep screaming at the thing until their automated attempts start to fail.

The traditional Sunday spectaculars are as interesting as ever. A 63-car pileup! Incredible! Maybe the news stories are only artificially generated, like I'm Jude Law at the end of that Forrest Whitaker movie and the captors want me to believe in some kind of fake happy ending. Otherwise I would wonder about the interactivity between this place and the Oklahoma earthquakes, as well as all those other earthquakes. Bye bye New Zealand cliffside!

I'm going to have to keep drawing attention to the provisional government as long as it behaves like it does. 2 has obviously stopped feeling fun. To think that we still have to look at Mitch McConnell's face for any reason at all at this point is beyond tedious.

Best of John Belushi however is superb.

I was about to walk outside for a bit and the mail thief lady was waiting as I went out the door. I suppose I can presume even more mail was stolen, correct?

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