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lun, le 07 mar 2016, 11:30
Applegate Break-in

Now if you'll recall I wrote to Cascadia, Home Forward, the police and the FBI about the people breaking into my living space. You may also recall the only official response I have received is some people showing up according to the election schedule to pretend to fix various light fixtures. You may also recall that the event which provoked them into knocking on my door and disrupting my online efforts several days ago to fix the light fixtures was when I was posting quotations from official Hillary Clinton transcripts from March 2011 as comments on Facebook pictures of grieving Japanese women following the earthquake there. Hillary's own statements from 2011 were damning enough that the official problem here tried to stop me from pursuing that particular avenue, is what it looked like, and so showed up weeks late with a lame excuse about a light bulb right when I was starting to make a dent in an official cover story. Now you all know for yourselves what the Hillary of 2011 thought about the death of thousands of innocent non-combatants and the irradiating of the ocean through a nuclear reactor built by General Electric. What she thought was that Chile was a great place to visit after an earthquake and hey isn't it weird that David Broder is dead?

So the light fixture they installed then broke a few days later during a psy-op involving 1980's television and I brought it to the attention of the manager's office in an angry tirade while demanding I get some explanation about the breaking and entering. She told me that the problem was the "ballast" and I screamed at her about her lame penile and/or election verbiage. Yes you are having problems with ballots. You should try running live people for office instead of robots. I told her that she was toying with forces of nature beyond her comprehension and that entire cities get destroyed over this type of problem and I need to know which of these creeping robotic things in the building were the ones illegally fucking with my living space. Then I stormed out and have yet to speak with them again while I otherwise pack up to leave.

Today there was a knock on the door, it was the new case worker, he told me the robots wanted to fix my light fixture again and they wanted to fix my light fixture while the case worker was actually there because last time I was screaming bloody murder and that made them nervous, and therefore I could have my light fixture repaired right now today or when he visits again at the end of the week on Friday.

I then told my case worker to meet my demands immediately or a giant smoking crater would live where a big city used to go, and also that Friday afternoon was better for me than today.

Later on I look it up on the calendar and see Friday is 3/11 itself.

I hear rumors that the robot is busted. I feel the need to keep close track of these fuckers anyway. The internet here is still being heavily censored and after some improvement the noise returned at about 10pm when I was trying to listen to Creedence. They are way scared of Creedence.